AstroMediaShop Newsletter - December 2017
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Dear Friends and Customers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas time and a very happy New Year. Thank you for being our loyal customers, without you we wouldn't be able to bring the great AstroMedia kits to the UK!

Nitinol EngineNearly every year, just before Christmas, AstroMedia comes up with a new fascinating kit. In the last few years they have added the Steam Engine, the Wimshurst Machine, and the beautiful Desktop Planetarium to their range. This year they have come up with something you have probably never seen before: A Nitinol Engine!
The heart of this unusual thermal engine is a thin ring of Nitinol wire. Some warm water is enough to make the Nitinol Engine run. Nitinol is an alloy of nickel and titanium which has exceptional properties: at low temperatures it is soft and bendy, but as soon as it is heated above a certain transition temperature, it instantly becomes hard and flexible like spring steel. As soon as the temperature drops again, it returns to its bendy state. Nitinol is also a so-called memory metal: above the transition temperature it instantly assumes any shape that has been impressed during manufacture. The transition temperature of our wire ring is 45ºC, above which it becomes stiff and straight. Nevertheless the part of the wire that is immersed in the warm water lies around the drive wheel. When it straightens out, it is forced to move off the wheel and out of the water where it becomes bendy again. At the same time it pulls a new piece of wire into the water and the process starts again, leading to a constant rotation of the drive wheel.

This AstroMedia kit is the first mass-produced engine of its type, worldwide. Anybody interested in engineering and physics will be fascinated by this kit. We have just finished the translation of the instructions for it and built our very own Nitinol Engine in the process. We can promise you, it looks even more amazing in reality than in this video:
The pre-punched kit containing all necessary parts (apart from glue and an empty drinks can) is now available from our website for only £27.96.

Reversing GogglesWe also have good news for all customers who are waiting for our Reversing Goggles. These special goggles that turn the world upside-down had been out of stock for a while, but we are happy to announce that we have now received a new batch and that they are available again and can be ordered from our optics page:

As usual, we try to ship your order the same day you place it (before 3:30pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays before noon). Royal Mail has announced that all 1st class parcels to recipients within the UK shipped before and on Thursday the 21st of December will be delivered before Christmas. Of course, even if your order arrives early enough, we can’t guarantee that you receive the shipment in time. That lies in the hands of the post office. If you are in doubt about the postal service, you can now also order tracking for your parcel. You will find the "Order Tracking"-button at the top of each of our pages, next to the "Worldwide Shipping"-button. In the week before Christmas, every UK order with tracking will be shipped via DPD Local. If you send us your mobile phone number, the DPD driver will send you a confirmation text with a one hour delivery window. You can also re-schedule the delivery if this window is inconvenient for you. We’ll do our very best to get everything to you for Christmas.

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All the best and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Angela and Andreas Schröer

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