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Dear Friends and Customers,
We would like to wish you a very happy advent time and hope you enjoy your preparations for Christmas. It's now only 3 weeks away, how the time flies! Just in case you need some more Christmas presents or stocking fillers, in our store you can find lots of interesting cardboard kits for all ages and skill levels, starting with our Small Galileo Telescope for small astronomers from the age of 6, up to our Copernican Orrery for the expert model builder. All kits are made from high quality cardboard and are fully functional after construction. To give you some ideas for Christmas presents (or possible winter evening projects for yourself, of course), here are some examples:
Newton Telescope
Our kit for a fully functional Newton Reflecting Telescope with a Dobsonian mounting. Two eyepieces provide magnification factors of 16 and 30, enough for the observation of  moon craters and even the moons of Jupiter. The main BAADER glass mirror with SiO2 coating has a diameter of 70 mm and a focal length of 450 mm. You can also buy one of our flat tripod adapters, fit it to one side of this telescope, and then mount it on any normal photographic tripod.

Desktop PlanetariumOr how about our Desktop Planetarium: a kit for a classical armillary sphere, the standard instrument for observer-centred astronomy for over 2000 years. With this beautiful instrument you can easily visualise the movement of Sun, Moon, planets, and fixed stars above and below the horizon for any location on Earth and any day of the year. A real gem, not only as astronomical instrument and teaching tool, but also as a fantastic showpiece. With the optional barrel bolts you can even build it collapsible to make transport easier.

Steam EngineNot all our kits are about Astronomy, have a look at our Steam Engine and Stirling Engine kits for example: They are the ideal presents for anybody who is interested in enineering. The Steam Engine is mostly constructed from cardboard, as are all our models. Nevertheless the crucial parts are steam and fire resistant and so ingeniously prevent the contact of cardboard, fire, and water. The same principle applies to the Stirling Engine. A few non-cardboard parts make it possible that it runs for up to an hour on a cup of hot tea! Both engines are able to power small models, for example our Ferris Wheel. Have a look on our Other Kits page for more ideas.

Small Galileo TelescopeAt prices between £2.50 and £10, our smaller kits also make ideal stocking fillers. With them children get the chance to spend some time building a working scientific instrument (maybe together with their parents) and afterwards actually using it. Have a look at our range of small telescopes, simple optical kits, and other small models. We are sure you will find something to keep your little ones (and not so little ones) occupied for a while.

Klein BottleFor the ones who don't fancy building their own scientific instruments we have a range of beautiful glass instruments that work straight out of the box. On our "Gadgets" Page you will find the intriguing Fitzroy Storm Glass (now in a stunning teardrop shape), a Crookes Radiometer (the so-called "light mill", but actually a very efficient thermodynamic engine), and the interesting Goethe Barometer (a mixture of barometer and thermometer). We also have a specially made Galileo Thermometer with an accuracy of 1ºC (most others only show the temperature in 2º steps). And last, but not least, you will find our specially made Klein Bottle (see left), which is now in stock: a fantastic present for all mathematicians!

Royal Mail have now published their recommended shipping dates, which they claim make sure that parcels arrive in time for Christmas:



Saturday, 3rd Dec

Africa, Middle East

Wednesday, 7th Dec

Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Malta

Thursday, 8th Dec

Caribbean, Central and South America 

Saturday, 10th Dec

Greece, Australia, New Zealand

Wednesday, 14th Dec

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

Thursday, 15th Dec

Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA

Friday, 16th Dec

Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

Saturday, 17th Dec

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland

Wednesday, 21st Dec


As usual, we try to ship your order the same day you place it (before 3:30pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays before noon). Of course even if your order arrives in time, we can’t guarantee that you receive the shipment before Christmas. That lies in the hands of the postman. If you are in doubt about the postal service, please get in contact to organise special delivery or even courier service. We’ll do our very best to get everything to you in time!

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Angela and Andreas Schröer

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